Metropolitan: The Most Reverend David Edwards, Diocese of Fredericton

Prolocutor:  The Reverend Trevor Lightfoot, Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island

Deputy Prolocutor: Dion Lewis, Montreal

Lay Secretary: Jan Connors, Nova Scotia & Prince Efward Island

Clerical Secretary: The Venerable Charlene Taylor, Eastern Newfoundland & Labrador

Treasurer:  Robert Taylor, Fredericton (@ January 1, 2022 replacing Peter Irish)

Chancellor: David Bell, Fredericton (@ January 1, 2022 replacing Charles Ferris)

Assessor:  James Travers, Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island

Assessor:  David Bell, Fredericton

Members of Provincial Council:

All Docesan Bishops

The Reverend Joanne Mercer, Central Newfoundland

The Reverend Andy O’Donnell, Montreal

Kyle Riggs, Eastern Newfoundland & Labrador

Irma Moores, Western Newfoundland

Robert Taylor, Fredericton

Dale Keats, Quebec

Eden Mancor Youth Representative, Montreal

VACANT, Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island

Ex-Officio Members: Chancellor, Treasurer, Clerical and Lay Secretaries

Other Positions:

Archivist:  Dr. Richard Virr, Montreal

Provincial Misconduct Officer: Jack Walsworth, Fredericton

Provincial Safe Church Officer: Jack Walsworth, Fredericton


(update as of 13Jul23)